EE Times Europe Magazine – September 2022

The September 2022 edition of EE Times Europe Magazine discusses innovations in automotive connectivity, electrification, and autonomous driving. It also analyzes trends and developments in neuromorphic, quantum, and photonics industries.

Welcome to the September 2022 Edition of EE Times Europe Magazine!

Two megatrends, autonomy and electrification, are revamping corporate strategies and changing the face of the automotive industry.

Our relationship to mobility is changing. Drivers are slowly moving to the passenger’s seat with sensors increasingly becoming the eyes and the ears that allow the vehicle to perceive its surroundings. What is the opportunity for sensors? Will emerging radars, cameras, LiDARs, and ultrasonic sensors help to reach the holy grail of Level 4, or even Level 5 self driving? Is full autonomy still a long way off?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are hitting the world’s roads, and millions more are coming. As we transition to a low or zero carbon economy, it has become prerequisite to harness the full potential of renewables to improve their performance, reliability and lifetime, as well as reduce the costs of their power electronic components.

What is neuromorphic? What do we need neuromorphic processors for? The neuromorphic trend started in the late 1980s when Carver Mead, an electrical engineer at the California Institute of Technology, introduced the concept of neuromorphic engineering. This issue features an exclusive interview of Carver Mead and a series of articles that explore trends and new ideas in state–of–the–art neuromorphic systems, including sensors and computing.

Flipping through EE Times Europe Magazine’s pages, you will be deep diving into market and technology trends. While consulting firm Yole Intelligence explains why smartphones will disrupt the SWIR imaging industry, U.K.-based technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners analyzes the peaks and troughs of attention and investment in the global and European quantum startup ecosystem.

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