VSORA Pushes the PetaFLOPS for Autonomous Driving

Startup Delivers Accelerated Compute IP EEJournal December 1, 2020by Kevin Morris Autonomous driving is a wildly challenging problem. Of all the headline-grabbing technologies in development today, replacing the human driver in a car probably takes the most computing power, although you wouldn’t guess that from the obvious lack of computing power demonstrated by many of … Read more

Three trends in emulation for 2021: Lauro Rizzatti

Pradeep’s Techpoints POSTED ON NOVEMBER 9, 2020 UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 9, 2020 I first met up with Lauro Rizzatti of EVE, back in 2010, along with Montu Makadia (now, with Mentor). Back then, emulation was strong, (and, remains). EVE had launched the Zebu Server, a scalable emulation system handling 1 billion ASIC gates. This was much before EVE … Read more

Hardware-Assisted Verification Overtakes HDL Simulation

LinkedIn Jean-Marie Brunet, MKTG Director, Mentor, a Siemens Business, jm_brunet@mentor.comLauro Rizzatti, MKTG Consultant, lauro@rizzatti.com Sept 4, 2020 Over the past two years, a remarkable, though virtually unnoticed financial event  occurred in the electronic design automation (EDA) space: revenue from hardware-assisted verification tools, basically hardware emulation and FPGA-based prototyping, surpassed those from hardware-design-language (HDL) or register-transfer-language (RTL) simulation. … Read more

Design and verify 5G systems, part 2

EDN AUGUST 28, 2020 BY LAURO RIZZATTI, MIKA CASTREN AND RON SQUIERS Designing 5G systems is a daunting task because the technology required to support their powerful capabilities makes them much more complex than their predecessors. This is further aggravated by the need for backwards compatibility/interoperability with equipment based on earlier 4G, 3G, and 2G standards. And, unlike older … Read more

5G Rollout Includes Challenges to Supply Chain, WFH Value

Technews World By Jack M. Germain Aug 13, 2020 The growing work-from-home movement amid the coronavirus and its likely continuing challenges has created the need for additional broadband capacity in more places. Mobile telco and other service providers are rallying around 5G wireless as the most promising solution for reliably faster Internet connectivity. But the … Read more

Combining AI and Advanced Signal Processing on the Same Device

Semiwiki by Lauro Rizzatti on 08-04-2020 A lot has been written and even more spoken about artificial intelligence (AI) and its uses. Case in point, the use of AI to make autonomous vehicles (AV) a reality. But, surprisingly, not much is discussed on pre-processing the inputs feeding AI algorithms. Understanding how input signals are generated, … Read more

Design and verify 5G systems, part 1

EDN JULY 28, 2020 BY LAURO RIZZATTI, RON SQUIERS AND MIKA CASTREN Starting in the 1980s, the mobile industry has been upgrading the wireless technology at the rate of one new standard every decade. The first-generation (1G) cell phones launched in the ’80s, although they were not referred to as 1G at the time, were based on an analog … Read more

Challenges to Replacing Hard-Disk Drives

Computational storage devices are the new must-have peripherals for intensive storage applications. Semiconductor Digest BEN WHITEHEAD, Storage Product Specialist, Mentor, a Siemens Business, and LAURO RIZZATTI, Verification Expert July 2020 In the world of computing, moving data is an expensive proposition, slowing performance and increasing power consumption. The challenge is magnified as storage developers attempt … Read more

Computational Storage Device Verification: A Challenging Task

CSD systems are emerging as the must-have peripherals for intensive storage demands required by leading-edge industries. But their complexity leads to issues with traditional pre-silicon verification, which raises the need for a new virtualization-based method. ElectronicDesign Ben Whitehead | Lauro Rizzatti The path to success of the solid-state drive (SSD) as the ultimate replacement for … Read more

Covid-19 rings changes for virtual working

Tech Design Forum By Lauro Rizzatti – Dr Lauro Rizzatti is a verification consultant and industry expert on hardware emulation. Only a few months ago, a speck in the flow of time, 2020 began with the promise of being another successful business year. Yet here we are at the start of June, distressed and concerned … Read more