A Debate at DAC on Simulation, Emulation and Formal

Source: FormalWorld DAC attendees this year were treated to an informative panel moderated by Adapt-IP’s John Sanguinetti titled, “The Great Simulation/Emulation Faceoff,” a lively debate about whether the simulation/formal verification flow works more effectively than a simulation/emulation flow. Panelists were Stephen Bailey of Mentor Graphics, Dave Kelf from OneSpin, IBM’s Ronny Morad, Frank Schirrmeister at Cadence … Read more

Hardware Emulation to Debug Networking Chips

Source: LightWave Magazine Designing and verifying integrated circuits (ICs) may be the hardest and most difficult piece of the puzzle when it comes to producing electronics devices, whether they are targeted for consumer use or to drive the network. Engineering teams devise all sorts of verification procedures and strategies to ensure first-silicon success. Networking chips are … Read more

The emulator thrives as verification models mushroom

Source: Tech Design Forum Emulation has evolved from infancy at the end of the 1980s to adolescence in the 1990s and finally to maturity in the 21st Century. Yes, emulation has been around for close to 30 years. Who remembers Supersim, the first custom-field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based emulator launched in 1988, pre-dating the rise of Zycad, Quickturn … Read more

Catching up at DAC in Austin

Source: EDACafé ecently, I spent a few enjoyable days in Austin at the Design Automation Conference, June 6-9, attending sessions, checking out verification vendors exhibiting on the show floor and catching up with long-time friends and colleagues. Evenings were filled with dinner events and more catching up. The event was opened Monday morning by Chuck J. … Read more

What’s Up With All Those New Use Models On An Emulator?

Lauro Rizzatti, Alex Starr, Guy Hutchison, and Rick Leatherman discuss the status quo of new emulation approaches and deployment modes Source: EETimes Editor’s Note: Dr. Lauro Rizzatti recently moderated a discussion on hardware emulation deployment modes with Alex Starr, AMD fellow at AMD; Guy Hutchison, Cavium’s associate vice president, Hardware Engineering, and Rick Leatherman, director Developer Tools … Read more

10 Best Verification Practices for Hardware Emulation

Hardware emulation can be a key player when performing design verification, but one needs to examine all of its facets to determine whether it best fits certain criteria Source: Electronic Design I recently attended an invited talk by a senior manager of a design group within a large networking company. He described the group’s verification flow … Read more

A Winning Formula

Verification ExpertDVCon attendance could rival Super Tuesday with hardware emulation ROI draw Source: Semiconductor Engineering It may be fitting that DVCon will be held the same week as Super Tuesday this year, the day when the greatest number of states in the U.S. hold primary elections. Big dollar expenditures and return on investment (ROI) strategies are … Read more

The Evolution of Emulation

Source: SemiWiki Mentor hosted a panel on emulation in their booth at DAC this year. One thing I really liked about this panel is that it didn’t include anyone from Mentor. Not that I have anything against Mentor employees, who are a fine bunch of people from those I know, but I find panels most interesting … Read more

Accelerating Networking Products to Market

Source: Verification Horizons Take a step down the stack beyond optical networks, switches, routers and software-defined networking to consider the networking system on chip (SoC), the brains of the network infrastructure. Networking SoCs, integrated circuits (ICs) that combine all components of an electronic system, such as an Ethernet switch or router, onto a single chip, … Read more

First-Hand Experiences using Hardware Emulation

The 2016 Mentor Graphics’ User Group boasted five technical sessions focused on emulation Source: EETimes The 2016 Mentor Graphics’ User Group, or U2U, was held at the Marriott Santa Clara on April 26. According to the opening remarks by Don Kurelich, Americas technical director at Mentor Graphics, it was attended by about 900 visitors. I had … Read more