How emulation’s virtual mode boosts productivity

Source: Part One: Tech Design Forum, Part Two: Tech Design Forum By Lauro Rizzatti and Gabriele Pulini  | May 01, 2019 Part One Hardware emulation can be deployed in two modes. In-circuit-emulation (ICE): This consists of testing the design-under-test (DUT) with real traffic in a physical environment. Virtual mode: The DUT is here verified via a test … Read more

Verification Trends from DVCon

If DVCon U.S. is a bellwether or leading indicator, the chip design verification market and, more specifically, hardware emulation will be healthy for years to come. DVCon 2018, which took place earlier this year, was the place to be to discover the latest trends in chip design verification, much like it normally is. The who’s … Read more

Hardware Emulation Answers AI/ML Verification Needs

With AI/ML chip designs containing between 5 billion and 10 billion gates, design verification using hardware emulation is the answer, although not all hardware emulators are the same Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) is the ultimate hot topic of 2019, taking hold of chip design and the semiconductor industry’s imagination and not letting go — for … Read more

Delving into Deep Learning

In a recent talk on deep learning, BabbleLabs CEO Chris Rowen said, “I think of it as the construction of a complex numerical model that mimics the behavior of an even more complex but hidden system. The hidden system in question is often the brain.” Source: ElectronicDesign Lauro Rizzatti | Feb 06, 2019 Deep learning is one … Read more

Deep Learning in the Semiconductor Space

Silicon system design with deep learning has the same challenges with other complex system-on-chip-based designs, only more so Source: EEWeb By Lauro Rizzatti (Contributed Content) | Tuesday, January 22, 2019 In a recent presentation to a group of semiconductor industry executives, Chris Rowen, CEO and co-founder of BabbleLabs, stated that there are two important ways to look at … Read more